Hair Detox Program: 4 Tips For Detoxing Your Hair

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Your hair needs detoxing once in a while. A detoxing program is necessary for protecting your hair from drying and breaking. The process is important in ensuring that your hair is growing healthy. It’s vital to have a hair detox program that you are able to follow. Here are 4 tips to help you achieve healthy hair:

1. Use a Detox Shampoo

Your hair needs moisturizing on a regular basis. Using a detox shampoo is necessary for ensuring that your parched hair is replenished. The shampoos are enriched with nourishing oil that delivers moisture needed to revitalize your dry hair. You should look for a shampoo with natural ingredients.

2. Wash your Scalp

Research shows that a healthy scalp is essential for healthy hair. Even if you use natural oil and don’t clean your scalp, the results will not be satisfactory. The pores on your scalp and the hair follicles get clogged with oil and dirt. This means that you have to wash these residues off for healthy scalp and hair.

3. Reduce Use of Dye

A research in Portugal on the use of hair dye indicates that breaching your hair makes it 60% weaker. When applying dye often, you expose your hair to increased levels of peroxide and ammonia, present in the bleach. These chemicals are known to cause hair breakage and thus unhealthy for you. Using a detox shampoo is an effective way to revitalize your hair growth without the option of considering using dye.

4. Use National Fix

In addition to using a detox shampoo, you can employ natural solutions such as the use of baking soda (Sodium Bicarbonate). Sodium Bicarbonate is a proven natural cleanser effective to treat your hair. A tablespoon of the baking soda is effective in rinsing off residues from the hair root.


Every person deserves to have toxin-free hair. Following the right hair detox program is necessary for achieving healthy hair and scalp. When your hair is free from unhealthy residues, you are guaranteed of strong and appealing hair. This kind of hair is able to resist drying and breakage and thus giving you long-term service.For more information on how to effectively use detox shampoo, feel free to go to:


Discovering Hair Detox Shampoo In 2018

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Your hair is constantly under stress. It suffers attacks of pollutants, chemicals, and toxins. The hair gets its nourishment from the body. Most of the foods, liquids, and substances you consume now contain different types of chemicals and toxins. Traces of these toxins enter the hair as well. Proper care and nourishment are needed to keep your hair in good condition. A hair detox is helpful in improving the health of your hair. This process will keep your hair looking natural, healthy and shiny. You can achieve this goal with a balanced wellness program as well as by using products like a hair detox shampoo. This type of shampoo is specially formulated to remove toxins from the hair. Take a look at hair detox shampoo 2018 list. There is a detox shampoo for each type of hair.

A deep cleansing treatment is the most effective way to remove toxins and boost immunity. Proper purification is necessary to obtain good detoxification result. Hair detox shampoos for different purposes are available in the market. Most such shampoos are intended for regular users who want only a healthy and good looking hair. There are special detox shampoos available for individuals who want to pass a drug test. These shampoos may contain chemicals to completely remove traces of drug toxins from the hair.

Regular users using a hair detox shampoo just want to maintain natural growth, health, and appearance of their hair. There are many shampoos that promise to remove traces of chemicals, metals, and toxins from the head scalp, oil glands, and hair follicles. The products are designed for people of all ages. Many such products are made with completely natural ingredients. Some products have special ingredients sourced from different parts of the world. These ingredients are known to detoxify the hair.

A shampoo with special blends of herbs, spices, and minerals can help detox the hair naturally without causing further damage. These products are suitable even for people who are allergic to chemicals in shampoos. Many such products are sold by sellers who have created their ecom portal using Weebly website development platform. The detoxifying effects of the shampoo help improve the quality of hair. Choose a shampoo according to the type of your hair. Some individuals have oily scalp while others have dry scalp. If you live in a hard water location, you should use a hair detox shampoo that will work with that type of water. For the best result, soften the hard water before use.


Pass The Next Drug Test With Hair Detox Shampoo

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The hair drug test is one of the most difficult drug tests to pass. Also known as a follicle drug test, this type of test is commonly used to test for drugs in incarcerated individuals. However, due to its high accuracy and reliability, it is not surprising to find this kind of test being done for pre-employment purposes, for cause testing, random testing, testing after an accident and return-to-work testing. Read on to know more.

What is a follicle drug test?

A follicle drug test is a test for the presence of prohibited drugs by testing a hair sample. This test is impossible to fake and very hard to cheat. Results from this type of test can be made available after just three days.

This test can also be used to show a history of substance abuse because hair follicles tend to contain traces of substances that have already been metabolized by the rest of the body.

Any chemical substance, whether illegal or not, taken in within the last three months, can be found through a hair follicle drug test. Traces of any chemical substance that has been ingested goes to the bloodstream and then delivered to different parts of the body, including the scalp and hair follicles. As the follicle grows, specific portions of the shaft will contain traces of that substance.

How the Test Is Done

Hair follicle drug tests are done in special clinics usually under the supervision of a law enforcement officer. The examiner will remove a few strands of hair, cutting close to the base to get the best sample which is usually one and a half inch long. The sample is then sent to the lab where it is tested.

Can You Beat a Hair Drug Test?

This test is notoriously hard to cheat but there are a few ways to pass it or raise your chances of doing so. You can avoid using any banned substance for 110 days to ensure that your hair strands are drug-free by the time you are tested. However, this may not work well for on-the-spot drug testing.

You can also shave the hair on your head and skin but this could raise suspicion that you are hiding something. Law enforcement officers can also request a urine specimen if a hair follicle test cannot be done.

Hair Detoxification Shampoos: Do They Work?

Another alternative would be to use hair detox shampoos. These are formulated to strip the hair strands from any traces of chemicals, including banned substances and help you pass your drug test with flying colors. Hair detox shampoos work by coating each strand with a thick organic layer. Once the sample strand is exposed to laboratory testing chemicals, the hair breaks down and the organic layer mixes with whatever chemicals were trapped inside the strands, making the chemicals from the hair.

Of course, the chances of passing any drug test with shampoo can be increased if you start using the shampoo a few days or even weeks before the exam. It is also best to follow instructions to the letter. Most shampoos require users to leave the shampoo on for a few minutes to let the shampoo ingredients do their work. You can also apply heat to your hair prior to using the shampoo. The heat opens up the hair cuticles, which can make penetration of the shampoo’s ingredients easier.

Benefits of Using Hair Detox Shampoo

A hair detox shampoo is meant to remove all traces of chemicals and dirt without hurting your scalp or hair. It cleanses and clarifies, eliminating grime and product residue while conditioning the hair. As a result, you get to enjoy bouncy, shiny and full hair. Most detox shampoos are also safe for color treated hair and weightless conditioning ingredients to keep the strands moisturized and to reduce breakage. Just like other shampoos, you can find detox shampoos formulated for various types of hair issues, such as dry, limp, coarse or curly hair.

Why You Need a Hair Follicle Drug Shampoo

Drug tests are important. They are useful for determining whether a person is suited for a job, helps people with abuse problems get identified so they can obtain help, and helps prevent drug addicts from putting other people in danger. There are highly-stressful jobs that may push people working on them to turn to drugs to relieve the tension. Drug testing, especially reliable methods, are extremely helpful in keeping these employees in line.

However, we also know that recreational substance use may be frowned upon by an employer and you would not want to risk an entire career after a few hours of harmless fun. Products like hair detox shampoos can remove all traces of oil, dirt, and chemicals that not only restore the natural shine and bounce of your hair, they also keep you safe from an on-the-spot drug test. Visit to get started on your hair detox today.


You Can Never Cloak Performance Boosting Drugs

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Be prepared to be shocked when you search online for 2017 review – does this product work? You will find details of websites selling different types of performance boosting drugs in the search engine results page. Quite a few such websites, promoting such drugs, claim that you can pass the anti doping test as traces of their drugs does not remain in your system for more than a couple of days. Remember, drug testing has evolved quite a lot since anti doping specialists first used special tests to determine the presence of drugs in the body in the mid-1960s. Regardless of what the manufacturers of drugs claim, traces of these synthetic chemical compounds remain in your body for a long time and show up in urine analysis tests.

Humiliation and embarrassment
Can you imagine the embarrassment you will have to undergo if you fail in drug tests after you have won the gold medal in an event? Your action might even cause the disqualification of your team if you take part in team events like `baton passing race’, and test positive for drugs. You have to provide the anti doping team with samples of your urine before you participate in major sporting events such as the Olympics. These specialists test your urine using special reagents that are so sensitive that they can detect traces of drugs in your urine even if the quantity of banned substances is 1 in 10,000 parts of your urine.

Do not start celebrating
Many sports-persons celebrate after they have won a sporting event, with the help of synthetic drugs. They do not realize that the urine analyzing experts test their urine several times before the event and for a couple of months after the event too. The organizers of the event will take back the medal that you had won in an event if your urine sample shows traces of drugs a month or so after the event. In such a scenario, the organizers of the event will give your medal to the person ranked just below you in the event. For example, if you have won a gold medal, they will pass it to the individual who won the silver medal.

Do not depend on fake urine
Many manufacturers offer fake urine… a powdery substance that resembles the properties of natural urine after mixing it with water. An increasing number of sports-persons depend on this method to provide a false and drug-free sample of urine to authorities. However, this might not work, particularly if the anti doping organization takes samples of your urine when you least expect it. You will fail even if you use the fake urine powder each time you have to provide a urine sample because it is impossible to recreate the same dilution every time the national anti doping agency (NADA) request you to provide your urine. Anti doping agencies had no methods to check synthetic urine when it first appeared on the market. However, they were able to detect it once they started checking the specific gravity of the urine sample that will differ if you are depending on fake urine.

Do not try to be smart
It is a known fact NADA cannot keep pace with the science of cheating as drug manufacturers introduce new variants of drugs, which evade the tests conducted by the former. However, this does mean that you are safe. The specialists of these agencies regularly search the net for latest performing boosting drugs, test them in their labs, and find ways to detect it. This is why sports-persons whose urine samples tested negative during drug tests conducted before or during a sporting event, test positive in the future. This is exactly what happened with Maria Sharapova, the female lawn tennis legend. The authorities banned her from participating in lawn tennis events for a long time.

What drugs does NADA check for in urine samples?
The NADA checks for drugs classified under different categories such as:
• Anabolic androgenic steroids
• Endogenous anabolic androgenic steroids (when administered exogenously)
• Selective androgen receptor moderators such as ostarine and andarine)
• Clenbuterol
• Zilpaterol
• Zeranol
• Tibolone
• Erythropoiesis-Stimulating Agents

These are just a few examples as NADA has the capability to test traces of almost all banned drugs. Play safe and do not ruin your career by taking performance enhancing drugs.


What You Need To Know About Detox Reviews

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With its consistently high ratings, the 10-day detox system from Test Clear is certainly generating a lot of attention. This comprehensive program is designed to help job seekers and gainfully employed professionals pass drug tests, despite recent drug use. Not only is this system reported to work, but it’s also said to make the process of detoxing easier and to provide a diverse and noticeable array of health benefits. There’s nothing better than showing up at the lab on your testing day with clear, vibrant skin, and eyes that have never been clearer, brighter, or whiter ever before. If you’re nervous about taking a test in the near future, however, you’re probably anxious to know whether Test Clear 10 Day Detox reviews are actually right. Does this product really work? Following is some information that will definitely help.

When You Quit Using Is Important

When you start reading reviews, pay careful attention to what people are saying about their usage habits and the amount of time that they had available for cleansing before taking their tests. Test Clear 10 Day Detox is designed to eliminate marijuana from the system by flushing out stored body fats. This is the only effective strategy for expediting the natural metabolism of weed and its derivatives, which are stored in the fat cells. Most people who have rated this system with a five out of five stars have quit smoking weed at least 10 days in advance of their actual tests. You cannot use this detox system and continue smoking weed right up to the actual day of your test. There are, however, some people who start the  detox late. For instance, if you do not order and receive the system until just six days before your test, you may be able to test clear in six days, but only if you increase your fiber intake, in addition to the amount of fiber that the system includes, and if you’ve already been abstaining from the drug for 10 days or more.

The System Works But It’s Hard To Follow

Reviews are so positive because the system works, not because it is easy. During the formative stages of this system, you will need to take three pills an hour for every hour. You will also have to drink a full eight-ounce glass of water with each and every dose. Each of these pills is filled with massive amounts of fiber that will expedite your digestive processes. This will mean going to the bathroom frequently to void both your bladder and your bowels. While this is intense, it will definitely cleanse your system out, both for your test and in general. Although this might sound extreme, investing in a product that’s virtually guaranteed to work if used properly can certainly provide good peace of mind.

The Extended Benefits Of Test Clear

A small segment of Test Clear users has even talked about the surprising health benefits of using this kit. Whenever the lower digestive tract is cleaned, all sorts of unwanted toxins are removed from the body. There are countless ways in which toxin exposure can occur and thus, it can be advantageous to use this program even if you do not engage in recreational drug use. The secondary, deep digestive cleansing of this system is what contributes to whiter, brighter eyes, clearer skin and additional energy. Given that this system has all of these effects, you can expect to experience many of the same developments that people experience when undergoing natural detoxification for better health. Your body may not feel its best while these toxins are being removed. For instance, your energy might dip for several days and you may contend with a mild, yet a consistent headache. Once you overcome this hurdle, however, you may experience a considerable boost in energy, focus, clarity of thought, and overall performance.

Saving Money

If you still aren’t fully convinced about the effectiveness of this product after having read all of the reviews you can find, you can also shop around for coupon codes and promotional offers. These will limit the amount of financial risk you’re taking on when choosing this product. You can also buy a few at-home test kits to help you get peace of mind as you move closer to your testing date.


Does Synthetic Urine Work: Facts About Drug Testing And Using Fake Samples

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If you have been summoned to take up drug tests, you might be guilty of using them and want to escape the consequences. This will make you think of ways to pass the tests. You will wonder about many things. For instance, you could ask, does synthetic urine work 2017? The answer may not be what you have in mind in this case.

Details on synthetic urine

This is a mixture of chemical substances mixed and brewed to mimic the characteristics of human urine. It is commonly known as fake pee among the users. If correctly planned and mixed, it will definitely help you pass the drug tests you are taking. It has all the qualities of urine and can be manipulated more to get exact results. It is common to people who are used to cheating in a drug test for personal gain and dodging the systems put in place to counter the use of illegal substances and crimes against other people.

When using the substance, you have to take the samples in seclusion to get away with it. You have very few minutes to prepare it. The form in which the substance is sold in is usually powder and premixed liquid solutions. It has to be mixed with several gadgets to get the exact results. You will need to have temperature strips to heat up the mixed solution to your body temperatures, tubes, and bladders to brew it to perfection. It might take you about five minutes to get it ready, but people who are well conversant with the procedures will take less time.

The products are sold in smoke shops or can be ordered from an online shop. The substance is not illegal and so it is sold in the stores that deal with the things that might be used in the drug tests. They come in small convenient parks, and will not be noticed if carried.

Things that could go wrong

1) Failure to mix well

There are times when the outcome is not positive after using the synthetic urine. You might be relying on it to work, and some contents mess up the whole mixture. Wrong mixing might mess you up and you will be forced to produce another sample. These forces you to face the tests and you will definitely fail if you know where you went wrong.

2) Lack of time to brew the solution

Another instance can be when you are asked to go in a place where you are being watched. You will not have time to set-up and brew the solution. Even if you were well prepared with the kits and you can excellently create the solution, you will not escape this trip. You just have to get the real results.

3) Limitation on usage

Another down side of the solution is the number of times you can use it. Most of the premixed solutions and powders are meant for one-time use only. This makes it hard for you to get more samples if the tests need more urine. Accidents in the laboratory may also force you to produce another sample in the same day. This becomes a major setback, as you might not have an extra pack. As a result, you are left vulnerable to exposure.

4) Failure to match body signatures

The samples might pass the drug test, but fail to match your body signatures. Some tests undergo versatile tests and the lab technicians may be able to tell the samples do not belong to you. There are ways to bypass this trick for results that favor you.


It is not recommended to always use this substance because you might be getting away with the truth and getting your body into worse situations. Some drug tests are meant to look out for your own good. Complying might get you a good chance of early redemption from bad habits. It is important to get the original results and let the treatment process begin. In cases of sexual violence, you do not have to suffer in silence and let other people live free of their crimes as you suffer secretly.


The other common group of people who are subjected to these tests is sports men and women. They are tested for doping to boost their performance in the field. The drugs can improve the performance of the body, making the competition unfair for the rest of the competitors.


Basic Guide To Powdered Urine

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Synthetic urine is one of the most popular ways to help pass a drug test. The method has been assisting people to pass urine tests for many years. This has remained the case despite the introduction of more sophisticating testing systems.

Synthetic urine is usually sold in a powdered form and it is combined with water to create a urine sample. The kits are available online and they typically come with heating pads, which provide a viable way to keep the sample’s temperature between 32 and 38 degrees Celsius (90-100 degrees Fahrenheit).

The success of a powdered urine kit is dependent on a wide variety of factors, including testing method, the sophistication of the lab and supervised testing. As can be expected, the biggest challenge revolves around smuggling the kit into the testing area without being detected. Many people recommend using a wide variety of concealment methods.

These include the Whizzinator ( a special kit containing a dildo-like device), taping the kit onto the inside thigh, inserting the sample into private parts (women only) or wearing a belt under the clothes.

Drug testing

In the United States, drug testing is a common procedure performed by a significant number of employers. Testing is conducted with the aim to increase safety, prevent injuries and ensure the reliability of workers tasked with sensitive roles. According to the American Management Association, up to 61 percent of companies conduct regular tests.

Drug use is known to compromise productivity and can lead to poor judgment. Low productivity can negatively impact an organization’s bottom line. Poor judgment undermines safety and may ruin the company’s reputation as people in key positions make bad decisions.

Many law firms test their legal teams to prevent poor decision-making that may cost the company money or damage its reputation. Some entities use the tests to screen job candidates.

Urine testing is regarded as one of the most effective ways to test for drugs. Some of the alternative tests conducted by organizations include blood, saliva and hair tests. Urine testing is significantly cheaper and easier than other methods.

Reliable solutions

Employees and job candidates can pass the tests by using one of the effective powdered urine kits available on the market, such as Test Clear. There are many ways to pass the urine tests, including sample dilution, substitution or adulteration.

A diluted sample comes with a significantly higher amount of water, thus reducing the drug ratios. To achieve the ideal ratio, an individual needs to drink a lot of water before submitting samples. However, this approach does not guarantee success.

It is common for people to pour water directly into the testing sample. Many laboratories or testing officers do not permit the use of sinks and may add dyes to the toilet facilities. On the other hand, adulterating a sample entails the addition of specific chemicals to the sample. These include vinegar or soap, which can distort the drug levels detected by the testing equipment.

On the downside, the adulteration has the potential to generate a chemical reaction. For instance, the urine sample may start bubbling, thus compromising the viability of the sample. One of the products used for adulteration is Mary Jane Super Clean.

Substituting the urine sample is undoubtedly the most effective way to pass a urine test. It is common for people to substitute their own urine with a borrowed sample. This means having to ask a clean colleague for a urine sample. However, there are instances when the donated urine sample caused problems. One man used his girlfriend’s urine, which tested positive for pregnancy.

For this reason, it is important to select the donor carefully. Human urine grows bacteria after several hours after discharge. Some people have tried using animal urine only to fail the test.

Choosing the ideal powdered urine kit

There are many synthetic urine products available online, it is vital to conduct thorough research before choosing a kit. Customer reviews are a good source of information. Identifying a high-quality product can make the difference between success or failure.

A good urine test kit has a shelf life of up to two years. When purchased the product must be kept at room temperature. Many products include strips that work as thermometers to help users ensure that the heating pads raise the temperature to between 32 and 38 degrees Celsius (90-100 degrees Fahrenheit). The sample can be heated using a microwave or stove.


Simply Beautiful – Our West

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The unspoiled beauty of the west beckons us. The sight of crystal clear starry skies. The song lyrics call me: “Oh give me land, lots of land…”  Oh my… I love the west. I love travel.

Come to think of it, I pretty much love all points of the compass. I was watching a show called “The Last Alaskans” the other night, and it portrays a few people who still live in the upper latitudes of Alaska without the benefit of electricity and running water.

It’s not a hokey show like some of those fake “reality” shows. This show portrays vignettes of the lives of the very, very few people who have been grandfathered to live in the upper, northeastern part of the state.

I don’t watch a lot of television, but when I see that show, it reminds me that there are definitely a few places left on earth that are still relatively unspoiled.

So, welcome to my site!